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Cover by:
Soxsational Cover Art
Published March 2021
220 Pages

Thian came from the wrong side of the tracks, the wrong side of the law… the wrong side of pretty much everything. When a freak incident reveals his shifter nature, he was taken in by the Dark Leopards. Now, he must race the clock to gather intel to protect his family, their city, and the woman he intends to claim as his own.

A bonafide daddy’s girl, Adele never thought she’d have to go on the run due to her father being the worst sort of dirty politician. Stuck with the bodyguard he hired, she doesn’t know where to turn or who to trust. What she does know? Thian is dangerous to both her mind and her heart. She just doesn’t know which will fall first.

*Originally published in Dark Leopards MC – Anthology Michigan Chapter: Tall, Dark & Dangerous as a short story, Wayward Son has been revised and extended into a full-length story.*

Cover by:
Soxsational Cover Art
Published July 2021
255 Pages

Taken by a covert operation, Alexei Vadim is forced to endure tests to figure out how he became a shifter, and whether those genetic changes can be used to create human super soldiers. After escaping, he goes on the run, staying one step ahead long enough to alert someone else to what is going on in the forbidden swamps.

Unbeknownst to Alexei, the CHYMERA project has a secret weapon… Kalene Miagros. Her song is like a siren’s call, luring shifters from far and wide. None who hear it can resist it… including Alexei. He’d never wanted a mate, but now that her sultry voice is in his head, he can’t ignore it or her pleas for help. Alexei’s never been the most stable feline, and right now? He’s the reason rumors of “Cat Scratch Fever” were invented. Staging a rescue attempt was definitely not in the plans.

With the help of the Dark Leopards MC, Alexei manages to find some sanity in the storm and sets off to make it to Kalene at any costs. Finding her means finding CHYMERA and putting an end to their plans… for good. Whether he comes back with a mate in tow or not depends on her and just where her true loyalties lie.

Cover by:
Soxsational Cover Art
Published- Feb 2023
238 Pages

Akemi Chiyoko, a fabled kitsune of lore, works for CHYMERA to bring them new artifacts and data for their diabolical experiments. Captured by the Dark Leopards MC, she must escape and get back to them or forfeit her soul. Still, she has hope… there must be some way to make amends, right her wrongs, and earn her freedom. She just has to find it.

Enter Gavin Locke. Determined and resourceful, the agent hasn’t yet met a case he couldn’t close… until Akemi. The captivating woman should repulse him for what she’s done, but something about her calls to him, keeping him locked on her heels. What he discovers runs far deeper than CHYMERA. This is war… one the likes of which the world has never seen.

Together with the Dark Leopards, these wayward souls will face down an enemy far more insidious than they could have ever anticipated. When Gavin’s life hangs in the balance after an attack, Akemi must choose between her freedom and the one human she now knows she can’t live without.