Cover by:
Phoenix Author Services
Published Feb 2020
136 Pages

Created by Mandi Konesni, this calendar aims to make plotting your events and releases a bit more manageable. To start with, go to the year you’re working on and fill in your dates. If a month runs over, simply include them in the next month’s, it’s set up to allow them to merge over.

Each month includes a “To Do” list and Thoughts & Inspirations section. If you’d like, you can add sticky page tabs to the “year” page to keep track of where the year partitions are. I find this much easier overall. After that, you can start filling it in!

The Event Key is a great way to choose a certain color or sticker to highlight each category, so you know at a glance what’s coming up each month. With mine, I can easily see on the monthly pages whether I have takeover or signing events coming up. Whether there’s an anthology story due, or a story has rights reverting back to me so I can republish it solo.

I keep track of my plotting, writing, and editing months so I can stay on track, as well as marking off the days I’ve sent my newsletters, so I can try to maintain a schedule for those. This setup has helped this scatterbrained author truly stay far more on track.

Cover by:
Phoenix Author Services
Published May 2018
72 Pages

I tend to gather a ton of information for random things as “ideas” for books, settings, characters, whatever. They’re all stashed in a bunch of notepad docs in my “Work” folder, but by the time I’m looking for a certain piece of information, none of it makes sense anymore.

I looked online for a pre-made solution, but nothing offered the in depth options I wanted. So I made my own. 

Includes sections for major and minor characters, settings, locations, worlds, outlines, plotting, and even chapter check sheets.

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Phoenix Author Services
Published Sept 2016
132 Pages

I’ve collected gemstones and minerals all my life. Due to this, I have amassed quite a few specimens, which makes it hard to keep them apart sometimes. Every book I’ve ever read on crystal healing and gemstone lore has had few, if any, pictures. Well, how does that help in identifying our beloved pieces?

This book is intended to be a resource for those of us wanting to use natural gemstones for healing and ritual. Includes over 100 full color pictures, interesting sections including astrological stones, chakra stones, cleansing/clearing stones, using stones, and toxic stones, as well as an in depth alphabetical listing.

I’m not going to lie, there are unscrupulous people out there who will lie and say a lower quality gem is another type of higher priced stone. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a picture of what you’re looking for?

With 10 years experience in working and handling gems, this book was born. I hope you enjoy it, and it becomes your favorite go-to crystal healing grimoire.

Cover by:
Phoenix Author Services
Published March 2010
86 Pages

This book is part of a life-long study on herbs for natural healing, and magickal uses. Everything is in one book, easy to read and use. I include most every healing herb, it’s scientific name, it’s healing uses, and it’s magickal uses. This book will be invaluable to anyone who practices homeopathy or Pagan religions.

This is in the process of being revamped and
will be republished in the future… expanded and improved!!!