Thank you so much for being a Minion, and reviewing for me. I appreciate you so much! First and foremost, please fill out your information in the slots below if you need to update anything, like if you’ve moved, gotten a new Kindle, anything like that. It helps me keep my database up to date so if I mail out reviewer goodies, I don’t accidentally send them to a stranger if you’ve moved and I have an old address or something! 🙂

Name and Kindle email are required, so I make sure I’m sending to the right person/reviewer in case two of you have the same names… Like Smith with a popular first name or something! lol

Then, pick which book you’d like to read first. Ensure you have [email protected] added to your approved senders list, and I will get it sent on to ya! Make sure you’ve read and reviewed on your specified platforms within 2 weeks, and that’s it! You can then come back here and request another book. All there is to it. Enjoy!

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