As an author, our network is key to us expanding our reach, finding readers, and basically doing anything… especially being at the mercy of random algorithms that change almost at random.

So I’m working on building mine! One of the things I’m working on is to develop a partnership with bloggers for my books, both new releases when I have them and backlist titles that need more reach. I LOVE doing giveaways, so do be aware that there will likely be Ebook and prize giveaways. If you’d prefer not to post giveaways, let me know and I won’t include one in your packet.

If you are a blogger interested, please fill out the form below. When I have a new release or I’m doing a blitz for a backlist title, I’ll send you a media packet including teasers, blurbs, links, a giveaway, etc. All you’ll have to do is post, I’ll take care of everything else! 🙂


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