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Phoenix Author Services
Published Feb 2020
136 Pages

Created by Mandi Konesni, this calendar aims to make plotting your events and releases a bit more manageable. To start with, go to the year you’re working on and fill in your dates. If a month runs over, simply include them in the next month’s, it’s set up to allow them to merge over.

Each month includes a “To Do” list and Thoughts & Inspirations section. If you’d like, you can add sticky page tabs to the “year” page to keep track of where the year partitions are. I find this much easier overall. After that, you can start filling it in!

The Event Key is a great way to choose a certain color or sticker to highlight each category, so you know at a glance what’s coming up each month. With mine, I can easily see on the monthly pages whether I have takeover or signing events coming up. Whether there’s an anthology story due, or a story has rights reverting back to me so I can republish it solo.

I keep track of my plotting, writing, and editing months so I can stay on track, as well as marking off the days I’ve sent my newsletters, so I can try to maintain a schedule for those. This setup has helped this scatterbrained author truly stay far more on track.