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Cover by:
Soxsational Cover Art
Published Aug 2023
256 Pages

Shadows of a thousand years.
Rise again unseen.
Voices whisper in the trees,
nothing is ever as it seems.

Monsters exist, whether they be real or wholly in our minds. Some of us enjoy the fear of the unknown, the thrill of danger that comes from something we can’t understand. Others like to delve into the deepest recesses of the human mind, to discover what lurks beneath an ordinary facade. Whether you want to be afraid of what lurks in the dark, or to wonder about the evil surrounding you everyday, Half Past Dread has something for everyone.

A Liliom Press publication, enjoy 4 chilling stories from our spookiest authors yet!

Cover by:
Furious Fotog
Published April 2020
2588 Pages

32 Authors have come together to give you an Anthology like never before!

From all walks of life, they came together. Shifters who liked living a bit on the wild side, riding their bikes, and taking care of business.

Eight chapters of the biggest, baddest cats spanning two states – Texas and Michigan – and the mates who love them.

But that love won’t come without a cost because there’s always a price to pay when you live on the wrong side of the law as a 1% MC…human trafficking, gun running, pelt thieves….can the Dark Leopard MC handle the threats to their very existences?

Authors include: Kayce Kyle, Samantha McCoy, Ember Phoenix, C.G. Lee, W.M. Dawson, Annelise Reynolds, R.R. Born, C.J. Pinard, Morgan Jane Mitchell, Misha Elliott, Dawn Sullivan, Samantha Conley, Screaming Mimi, Lynn Burke, Liberty Parker, L. Firminger, Grace Brennan, Eden Rose, Evan Grace, JA Lafrance, Jessica Joy, Lethe Gene, Chelle C. Craze, Jaime Russell, S.E. Isaac, Josette Reuel, Michelle Savage, Xana Jordan, Maria Vickers, Christine Michelle, Mandi Konesni & Darlene Tallman.

This was a limited edition anthology. The paperback and Ebook have been removed from sale so publishing rights can revert back to the authors. Now that they have, many of the authors are revising and expanding their stories, even turning them into full series of their own! (like my Wayward Souls!) To keep up with those, check out the individual authors!

Cover by:
Furious Fotog
Published July 2020
2588 Pages

19 Different Authors coming together to raise money for Dancers Against Cancer

Our mission is to create an alliance in the dance community that provides financial support and inspiration to dance educators, choreographers, dancers and their families who have been impacted by cancer.

Participating Authors: Penny Anglene, C.J. Baty, Rochelle Bradley, Chelsea Camaron, Ruth A. Casie, Aliya DalRae, AJ Downey, R.S. James, Renee Jean, Mandi Konesni, Victoria Perkins, Ember Phoenix, Vera Quinn, Jamie Russell, Miranda Shanklin, Parker Stevens, Chianti Summers, Darlene Tallman, CJ Warrant.

Published Feb 2022
678 Pages

This year, eight authors have joined together to bring the gift of love– a book filled with soul mates, love at first sight, and happily ever after’s. These nine heartfelt stories will melt your hearts & give the gift of hope by donating all proceeds from the book to The American Heart Association.

So whether you love contemporary romance or paranormal romance, Forever in My Heart has a love story just for you.

Published Oct 2021
2588 Pages

Heatin’ Up Steel City is a compilation of short stories from some of the amazing attending authors of Authors in the Steel City event.

From sexy first responders to hot, rugged blue collar professionals, these stories will bring you all the romance and heat that you can handle!

So grab yourself a drink, a snack and maybe a fan – and dive into this collection of stories that are guaranteed to warm you up.

All profits from the sales of this anthology will be donated to the First Responders Children’s Foundation.

Cover by:
Published Aug 2023
765 Pages

Anthology published for Getting Witchy With It In Salem 2023. 

This was a limited edition anthology. The paperback and Ebook have been removed from sale so publishing rights can revert back to the authors. Now that they have, many of the authors are revising and expanding their stories, or even turning them into full series of their own. Look for mine in Hallowed Covenant!

Cover by:
Published- Jan 2024
198 Pages

Broken Covenant

Reaping is serious business. Kendra Slater should know, it’s been her job for 20 years as a way to earn her way out of purgatory. She’s mostly adjusted and learned to avoid getting attached… until Ethan Scott.

Something about him draws her, and she can’t let him go, even if it costs her everything. Can she save Ethan, and somehow earn her freedom in the process, or will this be the hardest soul she’s ever had to escort to the other side?

Hallowed Ground

Skye Morelli ran from her birthright as soon as she could, determined she would never return. Best laid plans, and all. Drawn back to the bayou by a death, Skye is forced to confront the past that still haunts her future.

It seems the bayou holds secrets that were never meant to be unleashed. When evil dwells and malice is all around them, can Skye and Pierre stem the tide and protect each other? Is love ever truly lost, or can they find each other through the storm once more?