Mandi’s Movie Madness- Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Welcome to Mandi's Movie Madness. This series was inspired by the Iceberg infographics on Reddit, where people made depictions of the most disturbing movies they'd ever seen or heard of. My goal? To watch the ones I can find and give my uncensored thoughts as I watch. This... should be entertaining. :)

Alright so… this one was weird. It’s kind of a silent movie at the beginning, there’s sound effects, but no words, so I had a bit of trouble following what the hell was going on here. From what I could gather, a guy was addicted to the body horror of shoving metal bits and bobs into and under his skin.

A salesman did a bit of a hit and run, and is now afflicted with the same ‘addiction’. Can we call it that? Addiction, fetish, something. I mean, basically this is Japanese body horror mostly for the gross-out body horror’s sake. The uh… ‘changes’ he goes through are uhm… something, interspersed with some very strange sexual fantasy fetishy type dreaming things.

Some machine sex and death which I’ll go ahead and leave to the imagination, the hit and run victim not really being dead, telepathic merging into a metal monster and world domination… There doesn’t seem to be much of a major plot beyond what I tentatively grasped, I guess. It was kind of an hour of confusion and “ew, what is going on there?”

It mostly, to me, seemed to be a lot of disturbing sequences shoved together into a more violent whole, and not really a fully-fleshed and coherent plot. It’s an industrial, cyberpunk, wacky low-budget artistic fetish piece. Overall, interestingly artistic grindhouse vibe, wouldn’t watch again because I’m still highly confused and concerned LOL

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