Write a series- Wayward Souls Trilogy

I've always had a problem with sitting down and focusing towards finishing a goal. Like the Risque Romance series was originally supposed to be 26 stories, or 13 books. It's only 3 so far. I got distracted by other things, realized 13 books was probably a bit much, and settled on a trilogy of them for now.

I might go back to them eventually, I might not. Who knows? So for my bucket list, I decided I wanted to set up and finish a bonafide series. Wayward Souls is that series. It didn’t start as one. Originally, I wrote Wayward Son as a short story that was included in a charity anthology called Dark Leopards MC.

Once it was over, we were offered the chance to keep our characters and continue writing in that universe, as long as we kept the Dark Leopards logo on it and simply expanded the world. I set out to see if I could expand that story, first. It was difficult to take an already published story, tear it apart, and then reform it as something new and longer, but I did it.

After that, I started thinking of how I could run with this, make a bigger world for my characters to play in. I came up with the concept of CHYMERA, and things kind of came about from there. I knew CHYMERA was too big to handle in one book, so I could feasibly spread it out to two, making this a trilogy, my first that was actually intended to be a full, finished trilogy from the start.

It’s taken longer than I thought it would, to be frank. Between sickness, Covid, writer’s block, and general blahs… there hasn’t been a lot of creativity going on. I think that’s true for a lot of creatives right now, though. It’s hard to be inspired when it feels like the apocalypse is upon us, unless, of course, you write dystopian novels! LOL Since this is a shifter MC paranormal romance, obviously it does not fit the bill.

Through a lot of fits and starts, I managed to get Wayward Son rewritten and published. Then came Wayward Soldier. After that, it took slightly longer to get Wayward Sins sorted, since it was the big “end” to the trilogy. I’m proud to say that it is now with the alpha readers. After they go through it and give me their thoughts, I’ll edit and fine-tune it, then it goes to beta readers, proofreaders, and then I get to purchase the cover. (Update- The trilogy is finished!)

After that? It’ll be released into the wild. I’m excited, nervous, proud, and nauseous. The quadruplet of birthing a new novel baby. It’s a very complicated emotion.

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