West Virginia Penitentiary- Moundsville WV

What can I say about West Virginia Penitentiary? Well, most places we visit as part of a public hunt, we mark down to later do a private hunt at. It's just nicer... you get the place to yourselves, you can be in it longer, and you have time to sit and really delve into the responses you're getting instead of being hurried along during the tours. WVP is one we unanimously decided we will not be going back to.
Unlike other places, WVP just felt oppressive. Other places, sure, we got responses and knew they were haunted, but it never felt dangerous or like we were being stared down by malevolent entities. At WVP, every corner we came around, it felt like someone was waiting there to grab us on the other side. And it started literally during the tour, not even when we had free roam. It was uncomfortable from the start.

For equipment, we had an EMF detector, a digital camera, an Ovilus, an SLS camera, and a FLIR camera. (The last 3 are apps through our phones.) We also each had a flashlight or a headlamp to enable visibility, especially as most of the prison doesn’t have electricity. (Or heating/air conditioning which is a bear in August, just saying.)

In the Sugar Shack, my aunt and I were both touched. My shoulder was brushed after I offered for any entity to either touch me or show up in a photo. It did both. My aunt was coming down the ramp into the Sugar Shack and thought my mom had grabbed her to steady herself, and reached back to help her, only to realize mom was a good 4 feet back. The grab was strong enough for her to really feel mom was there and needing help. Naturally, she’s a bit spooked, still.

Mom was getting a ton of responses on the Ovilus that directly pertained to questions were were asking or locations we were in. We were warned not to go into the Chapel by an unknown entity, so of course we went in. I caught a shadow figure in the Sugar Shack, as well. In the Hole, I felt something burn the back of my neck when I was alone… mom took one step into the front portion and refused to go any further, so I went in myself, against her dire warnings.

When mom and Aunt Joyce went to the North Cell Block, I went up to the Infirmary. We were running out of time and had to split up. Again, this isn’t normally a concern on a private hunt, which is why we usually plan to go back after these public ones. There was no one else up there in the infirmary, which was supremely creepy. I got a bit lost and turned around, and was convinced I heard footsteps following me at one point. I ended up somehow backtracking to where I’d started, even though I’d walked the length of the infirmary and should have come out the other end.

Overall, the place just has a very negative feeling to it. Unlike Mansfield or Waverly which just felt really lonely, WVP definitely felt more malicious. It’s one that we won’t be putting on our return list, because we figure we’ve been there once, it’s a bucket list item checked off, and there’s no need to return.

Since there are 86 photos, they are hosted in a folder on DROPBOX instead of on site. Pictures are in no particular order, as they came from digital cameras, phones, and public photos from WVP.

West Virginia Penitentiary
818 Jefferson Ave
Moundsville, WV 26041

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