B.A. Sweeties- Cleveland OH

Cleveland OH. Home to what is known as the Largest Candy Store in America. That's a pretty big boast, right? Of course, when we headed to Cleveland, we had to check it out for ourselves. At first glance, I wasn't super impressed, to be honest. It didn't look that impressive from the outside. The land houses Golfland Park, a soda and ice cream shoppe, plus the candy warehouse. So yeah, it looked a lot smaller than I expected for the hype.

What we didn’t realize is that Golfland Park isn’t enclosed. So that’s all on the land behind/beside the building and is a full 36 holes for miniature golf. The building houses just the candy warehouse and the soda shoppe… and the soda shoppe is tucked away in the back and fairly small. The rest is basically a Costco of candy.

I admit, we went a little nuts. They have pretty much every candy you can think of. Had a favorite candy from childhood that you haven’t seen in ages? B.A. Sweeties probably has it stocked. Looking to buy all one flavor of Airhead or all one flavor of Jelly Belly? They’ve got those, too. Want fudge, bulk bin candies, color themed candies for candy buffets, or special sodas? Yup, that’s all there.

There’s an entire wall of collectible Pez dispensers. Another entire row of themed nostalgic toys. Mini boxes of the 25 cent candy we used to get at gas stations. Specialty popcorn and potato chips, candy gifts, and even seasonal candies are all laid out. It’s a dizzying array of pretty much any candy or sweet you can think of, all stacked high to the ceiling.

The craziest thing is that it is literally a warehouse. There’s no “easy” way to go through this. You basically just pick an aisle to start with and move through them all. We started at the back and worked our way forward, it was the best way to ensure we didn’t miss anything. Honestly, I’d suggest not taking kids the first time… unless you have a massive budget LOL There were three of us, and we ended up spending like $250. Ouch. But if you do take your kids, they have little toddler sized carts, so your kids can have their own cart to push and sort their purchases into, which is very cute.

To our dismay, they also do NOT take EBT, even though it’s foodstuffs, so keep that in mind.

Our one disappointment was the soda shoppe. We didn’t stop to eat anywhere because we figured they’d have some food. They didn’t, just ice cream and sodas, and a very limited selection of those, even. They had bottles of soda out on the candy floor for purchase, but yeah, the “restaurant” bit was pretty lacking. We ended up not getting anything there and just stopping at a fast food restaurant on our way home. Having an old-fashioned soda shoppe/diner kind of thing would be an awesome way to keep people there a bit longer, encourage more spending.

Still, B.A. Sweeties was an adventure. It was worth the trip, though not one we would probably make again more than once or twice a year. We were like kids in… well, a candy store haha. We spend way too much money to be set loose there too frequently. Due to that, I highly encourage everyone to give it a trip at least once, if you can. It’s definitely worth the drive!

B.A. Sweeties
b.a. Sweetie Candy Company
6770 Brookpark Road
Cleveland OH 44129

Regular Hours
Sunday 11am-5pm
Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm
(216) 739-2244

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