Mythical Maven Column – Unmasking The Undead pt 1

The thirst is unimaginable. Nothing slakes it, you can drink a gallon of anything and you remain hopelessly parched. You’re trembling, body wracked with pain as you purge what feels like anything that remains in your system from your past life. Before you became… this. Before you died.

Glancing in the mirror, you recoil as you realize you can’t see your own face. The visage that had always greeted you, so familiar, is gone. In its place, only emptiness where you know you still stand. You vaguely remember the night before, a dashing stranger, flirtatious glances. The feeling of being followed on your way home, the rising fear of knowing you weren’t alone. Then there’s nothing, just a blackness in your memories until you woke on the cold floor, something different. Something… undead.

Unmasking The Undead by Mandi Konesni

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