LWS Slicer (Liberty, #1)

In the year 2510 a 21st Century woman named Cat A. Combs becomes the biggest asset on the starship LWS Slicer. In her DNA is the secret to the Greys' most powerful technology to restore time. Her Mission: Stay alive and FIGHT!

I’m not usually a reader of this particular genre. Science fiction typically doesn’t interest me, though I do occasionally watch re-runs of Star Trek and things like that with my dad when he’s watching them. However, I was given a copy of Splicer to see what I thought about it, so I wanted to give my honest thoughts.

First, if you’re not a fan of the genre, you’ll have to re-read some paragraphs to really visualize what’s happening and what’s going on. Since this is a futuristic book and it’s set on a spaceship, that’s to be expected, especially if you’re a very visual reader like myself. The author helps a lot by going into detail, vividly describing the colors, textures, cast of characters, even the way the light gleams and glints off of the metal structures/fixtures. It really helps to picture the space, the otherworldly species, and the scene.

There were some shocking revelations throughout the book, some not-so-shocking ones, and a twist at the end that makes me want to read book two in order to see what happens to this odd assemblage of characters who have somehow formed a family of sorts. Even if you’re not into sci-fi as much, the core story is still one that is interesting, leading you to want to know more about what is going on and how it all ties together. Once you hit the last page, you are left with a feeling of wanting to know how it ends.

To me, that’s a book that has captivated me, when I hit the end and want to know more, especially if it’s not a genre I usually read. Especially when I was struggling with some of the finer sci-fi details, to still want to know more means the story itself was an intriguing one that kept me on my toes. Things are never quite what they seem, people and alliances are never exactly as you think they are…

Highly recommended for sci-fi readers and fans. Still recommend for readers of other genres, just go in knowing you’ll need to backtrack a bit to understand everything at points. Note, there is some gore, some adult language, and some adult/sexual situations in this book. If you have an issue with any of that, this book is likely not for you.

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