Mystical Menagerie Column – Fear The Children

A child at your door or car window with a friend or two. Asking to come inside, to make a phone call, or for a ride. It seems innocuous, but your gut screams at you. Shrouded in shadow, something seems ‘off’ about the children. Chills race along your spine, the hair on your neck and arms stands straight up. You crack the door or roll down the window slightly…

Whether to answer yes or no, it doesn’t matter. The children step into the sliver of light. Fathomless eyes of nothingness staring back at you, empty pools of black. Expressionless faces wait expectantly as a feeling of dread and all-encompassing fear fills you. You find yourself torn between wanting to help the innocent children and recoiling in terror at the beings in front of you. Whatever you choose to do… don’t let them in.

Fear The Children by Mandi Konesni

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