Mystical Menagerie Column – A Siren’s Lure

A glint on the glassy sea. A trick of the eye. Nothing more than seafarers’ tales, they say. Yet, you swear you saw the glimmer of scales beneath the waves. Heard the barest of laughs and an ethereal voice from the fog, a siren’s lure you cannot erase from your mind. Are you going mad or being ensnared in a spell as old as time? Was that a beckoning hand, summoning you into the deep?

Be afraid, dear sailor. You’ve been caught in the web of one spoken of in whispers. Drawn by the call of one who would beguile and enchant you, only to drag you into the abyss, never to be seen again. You aren’t the only one to be fooled. You surely won’t be the last. These creatures are out for blood, and now… they’ve got their sights on yours.

A Siren’s Lure by Mandi Konesni

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