The Bucket List- Hopes, dreams, and everything in between.

Everything I’ve done has basically been because I said I wanted to, and people told me I couldn’t. I was too young, too dumb, too blonde, too female, too fat… the list of reasons why “You can’t” is long. I decided to prove them all wrong, time and time again
I’ve lost 150lbs and had surgery to remove the excess skin on my stomach, which meant mobility issues have cleared up. There are a lot of things I’d love to do, places I’d love to see. Now that I’m working on my debt and my health, it’s time to start documenting these things and really figure out what is achievable now, and what I need to plan for. So, that’s it… The Bucket List, in a nutshell. Everything I hope to do, and with any luck, blogs that accompany the finished goal.  

Road Trip with a friend.
Get a cosmetic surgery.
Attend a seminar.
Go on a blind date.
Fall in love.
Achieve my goal weight.
Go kayaking.
Start an emergency fund.
Start a vacation fund.
Skin removal surgery.
Wear a wig.
Do something spontaneous.
Visit Gobleki Tepe.
Volunteer with animals.
Take a Photoshop class.
Take a paranormal class.
Pet/Hold a bermese python.
Pet/hold a big cat.
Write a YA book.
Revisit Hocking Hills.
Meet a random celebrity.
Volunteer 100 hours.
20 reviews, each book.
West Side Market.
Sing on stage.
Try something new.
Record a cover CD.
Host book event.
Write a series.
Full back tattoo.
New piercing.
Visit Mackinac Island.
Visit Put-In-Bay.
Visit the Ohio Caverns.
Visit Langsdon Collection.
Take a train ride.
Visit Petoskey State Park.
Climb a lighthouse.
Visit Oswald’s Bear Ranch.
Visit Mutter Museum.
Visit Fort Mifflin.
Visit Lincoln Caverns.
Visit Sweeties Candy.
Visit all 7 continents.
Publish recipe book.
Do a homemade Christmas.
Have a full spa day.
10 Acts of Kindness.
Go on a hayride.
Get hypnotized.
Join a club or team.
Enter a contest.
Bathe in a hot spring.
Travel by myself.

Book events in 50 states.
Drive Route 66.
See the Northern Lights.
Mine my own crystals.
Private hunt at Mansfield.
Visit the Everglades.
Go to Disney.
Visit Yellowstone.
Visit Salem.
Visit Easter Island.
Visit Petra.
Visit Machu Picchu.
Get an orange Amazon tag.
Visit Niagara Falls.
Visit Dracula’s Castle.
Visit the Acropolis.
Take a photography class.
Create an online magazine.
Buy my first car.
Face a fear.
Bathe in a waterfall.
Ride a JetSki.
Go camping.
Go on a picnic.
Attend a fan convention.
Attend a Mystery Dinner.
Take a family vacation.
Name a star.
Start a book club.
Do a writing retreat.
Visit the Stanley Hotel.
Hunt Waverly Hills.
Hunt Madison Seminary.
Hunt Trans-Allegheny.
Hunt RMS Queen Mary.
Visit Fort Delaware.
Stay at Villisca House.
1 food from every country.
Smoke a hookah.
Go on a police ride-along.
Visit a BDSM club.
Binge watch 3 TV shows.
Sleep in a tree house.
Visit Alcatraz.
West Virginia Penitentiary.
Visit Hawthorne Hotel.
Lizzie Borden house.
Meet Jensen Ackles.
Learn to scuba dive.
Visit Pripyat.
Visit the Smithsonian.
Attend HS reunion.
Explore catacombs.
Walk with wolves.

Go Spelunking.
Dive with sharks.
Ride an ATV.
Whitewater Rafting.
Do an EcoTour.
Chase a tornado.
Climb a volcano.
Hold a monkey.
Play with foxes.
See a coral reef.
Swim with manatees.
Swim with sea turtles.
Go whale watching.
Pay off credit debt.
Do a boudoir shoot.
Learn resin crafting.
Attend a music festival.
Attend a Pow Wow.
Be on a radio show.
Go to a ren-faire.
Take a burlesque class.
Take a belly dance class.
Go to Mardi Gras.
Do a makeover.
Get a makeup lesson.
Get acupuncture.
Do a photo shoot.
Excellent credit score.
All-inclusive resort stay.
Host a dinner party.
Host a cookie exchange.
Host a gift exchange.
Succeed as an author.
Win an award.
Do a charity walk.
Learn CPR.
Send a care package.
Go to a retreat.
Teach a class.
Do a themed run.
Shoot a machine gun.
Take a self-defense class.
Go on a safari.
Pan for gold.
Visit Egypt.
See a Mayan Ruin.
Visit Angkor Wat.
Visit a castle.
Visit a ghost town.
Week-long cruise.
NYE kiss.
Archaelogical dig.
Go glamping.
Visit NOLA

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