Siren, Season 1

The coastal town of Bristol Cove, Washington, known for its legends of once being home to mermaids and mermen for centuries, is turned upside down when a mysterious young woman appears and begins wreaking havoc upon the small fishing town to look for her captured older sister who was abducted at the hands of the local military. Marine biologists Ben and Maddie work together to find out who and what drove this primal hunter of the deep sea to land.

I’d seen commercials for Siren on TV from time to time, but with all my other work obligations, I’d rarely had time to sit and binge-watch a new series. During this pandemic, it seemed the perfect time to sit back and try something new. I was not disappointed.

The series starts with Ryn, a fish out of water, quite literally. Throughout the first season, we learn a bit more about the world of the sirens, about Ryn, and her family. It turns out she’s looking for her sister, who was fishnapped off of a fishing boat and taken to a military base. She befriends Ben and Maddie, learning from them how to be human and fit in better.

Things quickly go downhill. Along with Ryn’s sister, one of the fishermen was kidnapped. His friends, Xander, Calvin, and Ben are desperate to find him… leading them to a military plot/conspiracy, government encouraged overfishing, family loyalties being tested, deaths, the curse of the Siren song, and more. Of course, there’s the requisite ‘love triangle’ option, but this series handles it in a far different way than usual, keeping me interested as I normally dislike the usual trope.

Overall, this is thoroughly entertaining paranormal series. The characters are well-crafted and multi-dimensional. It doesn’t take long for you to truly begin to care about them and how things end up for them. As with anything, some portions are a bit anticlimactic and derivative, so you can guess what’s going to happen, but riveting actors and a captivating storyline kept me glued to the screen. We’ve quickly segued into season 2!

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