Spring Cleaning… sort of.

So, we decided that we're going to get ourselves situated and start the spring cleaning while it's in the 50's this week. Today was supposed to be the start of it. Unfortunately, a migraine took my happy butt right out, so I spent most of the day curled up with Molly. I'll try again tomorrow, I promise!

The biggest issue is that my apartment/bedroom situation is in the basement. When the water table rises, my floors tend to flood a bit. They don’t really fully flood, but I get little rivers and tributaries winding through my domain. Due to that, I’ve got a bit of a mold situation that happens around my bed. Not good. We spray with a bleach solution frequently, but every spring, we have to pull the bed completely out of its little alcove and spray everything down, clean it all up, and wash everything.

Since both my mom and I have back and joint issues, it’s a process lol I prefer my bed tucked into a little L shaped portion of my room so it’s bordered on 3 sides by walls, which means getting it in and out for working on it is a trial. The weirdest thing is that’s the only area that gets mold issues. Likely because I’ve got it squished in there with no air flow. Hm. Will it make me move my bed? Absolutely not. I need my sleepy cave. Dammit.

After that, we have to organize my crafting and book event things. Right now, it’s just anarchy down there. Once it’s all done, though? I’ll be able to start sorting the raffle baskets for Dreaming Dirty in Ann Arbor! I’ve got some ideas so far, just need to make sure I have everything and get things situated. I’m thinking book-themed this time, not my logo, so it will appeal to everyone. We’ll see what I unearth and discover 🙂

First? Getting rid of this damn headache. Wish me luck on all counts… I’m gonna need it.

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