Risque Romance Vol 3 is LIVE, everyone!

Risque Romance Vol 3 is LIVE, everyone! For information on where to purchase, a HUGE giveaway, and where to find the limited edition book boxes I created for this release, keep reading!

Woo! The day I’ve been waiting for is finally here, so let’s get started. This will be your quick list for all the important links for the release.

First up, if you’d like to obtain a review copy in exchange for a review, consider joining my review/ARC group on Facebook. I love doing little giveaways and swag packs for my reviewers, and you get to read all my stuff, so win-win!

Release party starts tonight, the 22nd, at 6pm EST. I’ll be giving away a limited edition book box valued at $200. You won’t want to miss this! To join in on the party, head to the Liliom Lounge and get yourself situated, we’ve got a great line-up of authors for you tonight!

And what’s this about book boxes? Oh yes. I’ve put together a kickass, limited edition, won’t be sold again Risque Romance 3 book box. There are two chances to win one- be a part of my ARC team and get your reviews up by March 31st, or join in on the release party and follow the directions to enter the contest I post there for it tonight. Otherwise, you can find all the details and the purchase form at Risque Romance Vol 3 Book Boxes. There are only SIX for sale, when I say ‘limited edition’, I mean it! 🙂

Quick Links- Amazon, Bookbub, Goodreads.

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