Be prepared… the Dark Leopards Ride April 2020!

The Dark Leopards? What the hell is that? Am I up to something? Of course I am! You should know this by now, I'm always up to something. :) I'm incredibly proud to announce the upcoming charity anthology, The Dark Leopard MC.
A group of authors have gotten together to do an MC shifter anthology to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. It drops April 8th, and let me tell you, there are some amazing authors lined up for this. It is broken into chapters of the club, some in Texas, some in Michigan. I’m in the West Michigan chapter, and I’m excited to give you the first look at “Wayward Son”.

To keep up on news, giveaways, teasers, and more, feel free to join our fan page. We’ll be doing a cover reveal by FuriousFotog soon, and all of the authors will be stopping in to chat about their characters and stories as the release gets closer. As for me, here’s two quick blurbs about who you’ll see in Wayward Son.

Thian came from the wrong side of the tracks, the wrong side of the law… the wrong side of pretty much everything. When a freak incident reveals his shifter nature, he was taken in by the Dark Leopards. Now, he must race the clock to gather intel to protect his family, their city, and the woman he intends to claim as his own.

A bonfide daddy’s girl, Adele never thought she’d have to go on the run due to her father being the worst sort of dirty politician. Stuck with the bodyguard he hired, she doesn’t know where to turn or who to trust. What she does know? Thian is dangerous to both her mind and her heart. She just doesn’t know which will fall first.

Dark Leopard MC Chapters & Authors-

East Texas Chapter-
Stacy Pritt
Samantha Conley
Lynn Burke
Dawn Sullivan

West Texas Chapter-
Liberty Parker
Lauren Firminger
Grace Brennan
Reina Torres

South Texas Chapter-
Annelise Reynolds
C.J. Pinard
Morgan Jane Mitchell
W.M. Dawson
Misha Elliot
R.R. Born
Leah Negron

North Texas Chapter-
Kaycee Kyle
Samantha McCoy
C.G. Lee
Elle Boon

North Michigan Chapter-
Eden Rose
Evan Grace
JA Lafrance
Jessica Joy

South Michigan Chapter-
Letha Gene
Chelle C. Craze
Jaime Russell

East Michigan Chapter-
S.E. Isaac
Parker Stevens
Xana Jordan
Josette Reuel
Michelle Savage
Cree Nations

West Michigan Chapter-
Darlene Tallman
Mandi Konesni
Maria Vickers
Christine Michelle

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