Risque Romance Vol 3 Preorder!

And we are LIVE, folks! The preorder is up, and will be released on Feb 22nd. Release party will be in the Liliom Lounge, so be sure to click the link to join... I'll be giving away an AWESOME grand prize box, details below..

Whee! I’m so excited to announce that the preorder for Risque Romance Vol 3 is now live. You can preorder your copy at this link. The release party is in the Liliom Lounge on the 22nd, so be sure to click that link to join as well!

Now, I’ve been alluding to something ‘big’ for this release. I’m ready to spill the deets! For this release, I’m doing limited edition book boxes. There will be eight total. One will be ‘raffled’ off to my ARC team. One will be ‘raffled’ off during the release party. The other 6 will go up on the shop to be sold.

They are stuffed with ‘water themed’ goodies. A custom coloring page and colored pencils, a candle, a notepad, bath salts, a water bottle with a custom glittered decal, nail polish, a beautiful custom designed jewelry pendant, a set of earrings, a keychain, amongst lots of other items. But the best part is a handcarved heirloom seashell jewelry box made by BK Woodstock, valued at $80 each.

The boxes will be $50 plus shipping, and total value will be around $130 per box. These are not going to be restocked, so if you want one, grab them once they go live! I will also be doing an Oceris limited edition bath set. I haven’t decided just yet what will go in them, but there will likely be 10-15 of those. Same deal, I won’t be remaking them, so grab them once they go live 🙂

I hope you fall in love with my star-crossed lovers as much as I have!


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