Risque Romance Vol 3 Cover Reveal… and News!

Yes, you've read that right! Risque Romance Vol 3 is on the horizon! I've been gathering ideas and goodies for a truly unique release this time around, so I'm pretty excited about it. This release will feature six exclusive book boxes.

I’ve had a custom, heirloom jewelry box created to match the theme of the book, valued at $80 each. These are a work of art. The box will come with a signed edition of Risque Romance Vol 3, jewelry, and assorted gifts and swag specifically themed to the book box. This will include a custom bath and body set handmade specifically for the book. Because of the heirloom woodcrafted items and custom bath set, there will only ever be 8 of these. That’s it!

1 will be given away as the grand prize during the release party.

1 will be given away to my ARC team.

The other 6 will be available to purchase for $50 plus S&H.

I’m really, really excited about these. I keep adding more items, I just can’t help myself. Everything I see that I think might go great for a box gets put into the “Risque tote” and held onto just for this one super special release. Be sure to join Liliom Lounge for updated news and the release party when it goes live! If you’d like an ARC to review, make sure you’re a member of Mandi’s Minions and have filled out your form.


And now… what we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s meet the players!

QUEENED- Rhapsody always assumed she was human. What else was there? A dangerous encounter in the darkness shows her otherwise, as she’s swept away to Sirenis. What’s worse, she must compete in a trial to prove she’s capable of becoming Queen, even if she isn’t ready. Learning she’s part Siren and her grandmother is the reigning Queen is tough. Even tougher? The Queen already chose a consort for her champion, without even knowing her at all! Through trials that test their fate and their blossoming bond, Rhapsody must learn to embrace her true nature, even as the stakes become much higher.

EXILED- Domestic violence changes a person. You begin to live in fear, unable to trust your own intuition. For Jodi Carmen, even Scotland isn’t far enough to run. Trapped between the male who sets her soul on fire and the broody friend she didn’t expect to enjoy, Jodi is forced to come to terms with her past, present, and future. Can she learn to trust again? Can she believe her own mind, or is she only seeing what she wants to see? When their pasts collide and ancient feuds are brought to light, only one can truly save her.

What would you risk to have it all?

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