The Dark Hunter Series

In the world of the Dark-Hunters nothing is ever as it seems. Life and death both take on a whole new meaning as this immortal cadre of warriors fight to protect mankind from those creatures and demons who would prey on us. It’s dark. It’s deadly and it’s a whole lot of fun and laughter.

Every once in awhile, you find a series that takes you by the throat and won’t let go. This was that series for me. I lost most of my books in a basement flood, so I’m going through and collecting them again, this time in hardcover. I fell in love with the world and the characters, so much so that they were the very first and only canon characters I roleplayed. I had so much fun bringing them to life, because Miss Kenyon gave us such a rich storyline to draw from.

If you’re a fan of mythology, you’ll find so many here. Greek, Roman, Atlantean, Sumerian, Lemurian, Native American, Egyptian… Kenyon manages to tie all the myths and legends together into a cohesive story that crosses time and space. If you’re looking for creatures? She’s got them too. From demons to daimons, gods to demigods, dozens of shifters, and even Chthonians, there isn’t any myth or legend that she hasn’t woven a new twist from.

The only thing I dislike is that she seems to have lost track a bit. The world is so sprawling that she’s adding more and more people, and we’re still kind of waiting for stories of people we’ve gotten to know from earlier in the series. Though, as a writer myself, I know that sometimes some voices just won’t talk and others speak up louder. 

The series has spawned numerous side-series as well, which is interesting as one is even a YA offering, which deals with some of the characters when they were teens, before the events of the Dark Hunter series. They’ll eventually cross, and all the decisions made in the YA series will affect what happens in the later books. Which is a really neat way to do things, in my opinion… it keeps readers engaged for years!

Overall, definitely an author and series you won’t want to miss if you’re into paranormal or mythological reads. This one is forever on my ‘keeper’ shelf.

The current reading order-

Dark Hunters

1- Fantasy Lover
2- The Beginning (in Sins of the Night)
3- Dragonswan
4- Night Pleasures
5- Night Embrace
6- Phantom Lover (in Midnight Pleasures)
7- Dance with the Devil
8- A Dark Hunter Christmas (in Dance with the Devil)
9- Kiss of the Night
10- Night Play
11- Winter Born (in Stroke of Midnight)
12- Seize the Night
13- Sins of the Night
14- Second Chances (in Dark Hunter Companion)
15- Unleash the Night
16- Dark Side of the Moon
17- A Hard Days Night Searcher (in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding)
18- Until Death Do Us Part (in Love at First Bite)
19- Fear the Darkness- Online Novella
20- The Dream Hunter
21- Devil May Cry
22- Upon a Midnight Clear
23- Dream Chaser
24 Shadow of the Moon (Dead after Dark)
25- Acheron
26- One Silent Night
27- Dream Warrior
28 Bad Moon Rising
29 No Mercy
30 Retribution
31 The Guardian
32 Time Untime
33 Styxx
34 Dark Bites
35 Son of No One
36 Dragonbane
37 Dragonmark
38 Dragonsworn
39 Stygian

Chronicles of Nick

1 Infinity
2 Invincible
3 Infamous
4 Inferno
5 Illusion
6 Instinct
7 Invision
8 Intensity

Deadman’s Cross

1 Deadmen Walking
2 Death Doesn’t Bargain
3 At Death’s Door

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