The Mischief Kitties in You Can’t Takes Our Chicken

At the beginning of the warmer months, the kitties find out that their mommas are grilling them a CHICKEN! But mischief is afoot, as always, and when they see their cooling chicken moving, they jump into action! Join the lovable felines (and maybe a new friend or two) on this latest adventure, sure to have you laughing!

I picked this book up at a recent book signing event because the cover was adorable and I thought my nieces and nephews would love it. Before putting their copy in the family Easter basket, I went through and read it myself, in case they had questions or anything.

I feel a bit lax now… I don’t grill my girl up a chicken! I’m sure she’ll be having words with me about that now that she knows Harry and the crew get one. Between a cryptic visitor, moving chickens, meeting neighbors, and new ebil monsters to face, the kitties certainly have their paws full!

I really am enjoying these books, even as an adult. I love that each one has a core moral type theme to it, which is great for young minds. In this one, the kittens learn to share and to help keep their neighborhood/community safe. Well…er… safer. Whatever we do, we can’t let Harry find Destination Truth re-runs. No one will ever get any sleep.

The only disappointing thing about this one? It was far too short! 🙂 May the Mischief Kitties never stop having adventures!

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