The Mischief Kitties in the Great Glitter Caper

When Momma's away, Callie and Chloe sneak into the craft room to play dress-up. After all, they're queens. And queens should sparkle, right?

I picked this book up at a recent book signing event because the cover was adorable and I thought my nieces and nephews would love it. Before putting their copy in the family Easter basket, I went through and read it myself, in case they had questions or anything.

What kids don’t cause a little mischief when mom is away? After a big mess, the situation seems doomed. Another lesson in this one for kids- sometimes even the biggest problems and messes can be worked on and don’t seem as bad if you find a way to work together. Really, I’m sure plenty of parents would love their kids to take this lesson to heart! 🙂

Another adorable read, and I can’t wait to see what more the Mischief Kitties have in store.

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