Authors & Dancers Against Cancer 2019

I was lucky enough this year to attend my very first author signing. While nerves took over for awhile and panic ensued, once I got to the event, I had an absolute blast. I am so grateful to have been given a chance to meet some amazing readers and authors that were new to me.

I also learned a ton of things. For one, I definitely over-brought. Turns out, 7 totes of things for one event was probably a bit much. We spent a ton of time rearranging things under the table trying to find things I needed. I’ve cut down a little for the next event… hopefully it will be far easier to get ourselves in and settled this time around. 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised at how professionally run the events are, or at least this one was. The hosts were fantastic… registration was a breeze, tables were already ready for us. Huge congrats to Martha Lanham, Dyana Newton, Wendi Stacilaucki-Hunsicker, and Arlyna Fischer. You guys put on one hell of a show!

My PAs and I really enjoyed the event. They spent some time going and exploring the other author tables and getting to know everyone, I snuck out to say hello as I could. All in all, I’ve already signed up to my table for next year’s event, because I truly enjoyed this one so much and how well it was put together.

Bonus? I usually don’t share photos of myself. But after losing 117lbs, I promised I would post the photos from the events this year. This is me keeping that promise. The photos are by FuriousFotog, Dante Dellamore, and Joyce Gray.

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