Mindhunter- Season 1

It’s not often that I find myself captivated by a new show. I have my favorites, but I generally set those to DVR and don’t really look at the guide much any other time. Well, now we have Netflix, and Netflix has Mindhunter.

It’s great for someone like me, who likes shows that aren’t really broadcast often except on specialty channels like ID and the like. Scrolling through, I discovered Mindhunter. It follows two agents, Holden and Tench as they pioneer behavioral profiling to solve crimes and categorize serial killers. For someone with a background in abnormal psychology and criminology, watching the fictionalized account of where it all started was quite fascinating.

The actors portraying the serial killers were superb. Kemper, for example, was just as eerie and thrilling on screen as his real-life counterpart. For those of us who follow such things, Kemper really was the first serial killer that was unabashedly open about his crimes and the mind-frame he was in, as sadistic and unnerving as it was to the observers. This was played off perfectly on-screen.

While some of the interpersonal drama was added to make the series more compelling, I personally felt the profiling itself needed no extra adornments. At its heart, this is what people in the field are interested in, and for the most part, Netflix played to that strength. Disappointingly, there’s only one season. It says there will be another but not until sometime in 2019, so I guess I just need to keep scrolling and find something else to take up the time.

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