Homer, the little unicorn, dreams of being just like his hero Pegasus the flying horse. Follow along as Homer goes on quest after quest to reach his goal. Does he reach his goal to be like his hero, or does he find something even more valuable? Homer teaches us that we don't need wings in order to soar. That each of us is special just as we are.

It’s a sad fact in this day and age that every child will likely be bullied for one thing or another. The percentages are staggering… and dismaying. As parents or family members to children, we do what we can to inspire self-worth and confidence, but we can’t be with them all the time, and can only hope our lessons stand true. 

With Homer, author Donna crafts an engaging and interesting story that can help teach children that they are unique and special- just the way they are. Where parents and family members might falter, the story of a little unicorn searching for something to make him special might just hit the note they need. Kudos for a great lesson and beautiful book.

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