101 MORE Reasons to Break Up: True Life Tales of Splitsville – Part 2

You think YOUR relationships have been crazy? Think again. In 101 MORE Reasons to Break Up, dozens of people are interviewed about their best, worst, and weirdest break-ups. Every one of the tales is real, and each one is crazier than the one before. Affairs, love-triangles, and nutty behavior? Nothing is taboo in these weird, wild break-ups. Once you read one, you'll want to read them all! This is the sequel to the original 101 Reasons to Break Up.

It’s nice sometimes to know you’re not alone. We all have that one terrible breakup story… or a few! After reading the first, I was convinced that the second one couldn’t find more people with crazy breakup stories to share. I was wrong. When it comes to bad behavior, nothing tops it like a breakup scene. 

At least in this, those of us that are unlucky in love can take a long breath and release it in a sigh of relief. We might be alone, but we’ve potentially dodged some of these well aimed bullets. And that, my friends, can only be a good thing. I never thought I’d be happy to not have a significant other at the moment, but being reminded of my own breakups and seeing these others, J Edward Neill has done the impossible, and made me cherish my singledom.

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