I left behind my home, my family and my club to hunt down a bastard that doesn’t want to be found. My only focus is putting a bullet in his head and figuring out how to save my sisters from the Infierno cartel. The problem? He’s a ghost in the wind who always seems to be one step ahead.

Things change when my best friend, Cessy, forces me to bring Angel out on the road with me. Angel Hernandez, the hotheaded Hispanic beauty who drives me crazy. She wants the bastard’s head as much as I do, but she has no concern for what it may cost her. Can we overcome the scars of our past together or are we destined to die for the sins of another?

I admit, MC isn’t my typical genre. I’ve never watched SOA, when most of my friends have. I don’t usually pick up books of the subject either. So when it comes to the Silent Sons, I was expecting a decent novel, but not something I’d be super engrossed in.

I was wrong. Ambere Sabo writes characters that you want to root for. They’re not perfect. They’re flawed. They’re human. They have pasts and secrets they aren’t proud of. They don’t consider themselves the “good” guys. But time and time again, they fight for what is right, and for justice. They are, at their core, just like each and every one of us, taking each day at a time and trying to do what’s best at that moment.

I won the first book during a multi-author giveaway event, and hadn’t ever heard of Ambere before that. When the second book came out, I found myself adding it to my cart and purchasing it, because I simply had to know what happened next. I devoured Havoc in one night, because every time I said “Just one more chapter, and then I’ll go to bed”, something else happened and I had to keep reading.

To me, that tells me this series is a keeper. Due to hints in the book (which I won’t be sharing!) I already know who the next book is about, and I can’t wait to see them find their slice of happiness amid the instability of life itself too.

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