101 Reasons to Break Up: True Life Tales of Splitsville

In this unique take on dating and relationships, dozens of real-life strangers sit down for interviews, and all of them provide the true-life tales of their craziest, most unusual break-ups. Every break-up is REAL, and each one is more bizarre than the one before. You think your break-ups have been wild? Think again.

Sometimes, it’s nice to know that you aren’t alone. Everyone has at least one story of a bad breakup, whether they were the one that initiated the breakup or the one being broken up with. Heartbreak is a common dialect, no matter what language we speak. 

It’s interesting to read other stories and to feel some common bonds with strangers we don’t know, simply because of shared experiences. I really enjoyed this glimpse into other’s lives, and would love to read more in the same vein! 101 stories of depression? Survival? Loss? Hope? The possibilities are endless!

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