Skylar’s Saviors

Everything changes for the three when they first meet. The guys are blown away by Skylar and vow to do what they have to in order to make her theirs. Skylar isn’t looking for a relationship. Her main concern is her children, and her daughter’s health. But, she can’t resist the temptation of Cage and Joker.

I admit, I have never read an MC story. While I love menage romances, the MC/biker leaning was a whole new territory for me. Let me say… I’m hooked! Hoo boy. Hot men in leather, purring bikes, attitude for days.

I won this one from a book release party, and I read through it in a few hours. I had to know what happened… did others find their happy ever afters? Did rival clubs take over? What the heck is going on between some of these people!??!

I read, and read, and read. Skylar, Cage, and Joker had me smiling, laughing, and sometimes even holding back a tear or two. The author manages to make every plus size female want her own Cage and Joker. I’ll take 4, please.

While there were a few typos and editing issues, you know what? The story more than makes up for it. I have a new fetish, and it’s the Wild Kings.

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