Kara’s Dirty Dreams

‚ÄčErotic. An all consuming need. A dream? Kara finds herself in a world beyond her wildest imagination. Where everything feels real, and the touch of a man leaves her breathless. Uninhibited, she lets herself embrace whats been missing in her life all these years. A passion so intense it unlocks the key to her most hidden desires. Only one question remains: Just how dirty you can get in a shower?

Here’s the thing. I love sex. Adore it. A full fledged novel is a great way to spend a few long hours. Still, sometimes, you just want a quick, down and dirty read to take the edge off, and Annabeth delivers. This short is steamy in more ways than one and leaves you aching for more.

The only thing I did notice is that for a short, some words are used quite a bit. While it doesn’t detract from the story itself, it can become repetitive in the long term. I’d suggest looking for ways to replace words with descriptions or synonyms to keep the work flowing.

Otherwise, I enjoyed it, but wouldn’t mind a bit if it was fleshed out and made a smidge longer… it’d be interesting to see more of Kara’s life and more more more of her dream men!

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