Kara’s Dirty Dreams 2

Erotic. An all consuming need. A dream? Kara finds herself in a world beyond her wildest imagination. Where everything feels real, and the touch of a man leaves her breathless. Uninhibited, she lets herself embrace whats been missing in her life all these years. A passion so intense it unlocks the key to her most hidden desires. Only one question remains: Just how dirty you can get in a shower?

The second short based on Kara and her naughty dreams, this one takes a little stroll through menage territory… my favorite! How awesome would it be to have two gorgeous, buff guys taking care of your every whim? Let’s face it, Kara isn’t the only one that has had this particular dream.

Once again, it’s short but steamy, and a quickie read for those late nights when you need a little.. *ahem* inspiration. I’d love to see Kara fleshed out a bit more though, I’m truly curious as to her daily life before she hops into dreamland.

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