Hard & Unprotected

Bargain 10-story box set of nasty paranormal erotica for adults only! Hot, innocent college students and adventurous gushing gals go bare with hot hunks. Monsters, tentacles, demons, werewolves and more do them hard in all ways! Kinky? Yes. Rough? Oh, yes! Taboo and forbidden? Yes!

I bought this thinking it could be a quick read while on breaks. The shorter stories always seem to do better for things like that, so I can finish one during lunch. However, I couldn’t finish the book. The stories weren’t erotic at all. Most were subpar, with juvenile writing.

It truly seemed like these were written by a teen in his basement, trying to sort out what he found sexy based on comics and manga he’d read in the past. ( Monsters, tentacles, demons, werewolves and more do them hard in all ways!– do them all? I guess I should be glad it doesn’t reference “porking” or “bumping uglies”. Though it honestly might have in the stories themselves, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was blanking it out of my memory.)

I guess the titles “Plundered By the Bone Monster”, “Ravaged by Tentacles” and “Taken By The Troll” should have warned me that this wasn’t erotica as I’d expected by the cover. Nor paranormal erotica as the blurb suggested. Some of the other authors may well have been better, but I couldn’t make it past the 4 stories about Vanilla, the girl who can’t keep her legs shut to save her own life, literally.

I stopped reading around here “She opened her thighs, reached to guide him. Oh. Oh, wowza. That- that prick of his made Craig’s big one seem junior-sized. She’d never imagined, well, only in her dirtiest imaginings- getting pronged by a tool that big.” When someone references sex or penetration as “pronged”, I’m done. I hate leaving negative reviews. But when I couldn’t get past the 50% mark of a book I actually paid for, that tells me that the book had issues. I’ll be steering clear of these authors in the future.

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