I was born the Princess of an MC I knew nothing about. Thrown into their world of crazy, when I had no other options. Now they have taken my Pops from me, and I will bring hell on earth to those who caused his death. The Silent Sons have promised to help me find those responsible. I was looking for answers, and I found Mr. Tall, Dark, and Broody. Will he be my saving grace in this life or will we both lose our lives when we find an enemy more twisted than we could imagine?

I won a copy of this book during a book release party a friend invited me to. Perfect timing, really. After that, I fell down the stairs and severely sprained my ankle, so the couch is now my unofficial throne and I am its unhappy royal. To keep myself occupied, I’ve been reading, and decided to pick up Cessy and get started on it.

I really love a broody, standoffish man that just can’t help falling in love with someone who challenges him at every step. It’s always so fun to watch them just fall deeper under their spell, knowing that they’ll only be able to fight it so long before they give in. Cessy was a whirlwind of emotion, fire, sugar, and sass, and reminded me a lot of some of my friends, which had me smiling at her antics and fiery temper quite often.

While the plot seemed convoluted at times, there are a lot of names and familial references that I had to re-read to make sense of towards the end, I really enjoyed the love story and the way the main characters were fleshed out. The family dynamics are interesting and compelling, paving the way for more books to come.

With the mild cliffhanger of an ending, it leaves you wanting to see how the story plays out in the next book, to see whether the antagonist gets what he is SO deserving of. I read it in just a few hours, which to me is the mark of a great book, when I read it so fast because I don’t want to put it down and go to bed, I have to know how it ends. So, I’m giving this 5 thumbs up, because I didn’t take my pain meds until I absolutely had to, just to finish and see what happened.

Now I’m waiting to see how Havoc deals with his new information!

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