Bound Hearts

People have heard fleeting rumors about The Club. But only its members—many of them Washington insiders—know the truth: That it's a place where men can share their women with a carefully selected male partner. The results? Explosive.

These books are smoking hot! They were one of my first “naughty” reads, and through the years have remained a top favorite. Wickedly naughty and delightfully sensual, the males are dominant, powerful men. The women are feisty and give as good as they get.

The series focuses on the Trojan Club, where like-minded men gather to discuss current events, form business alliances….and find a 3rd for their bed.

I love the interaction, the play by plays. The way the women wrap these men around their little fingers. It’s a fun, delicious series with intrigue, mystery, betrayal, and smoking hot sex scenes.

Make sure to have a toy or two and stock up on batteries. 😉

I haven’t read the newest two yet, but you can bet I’ll be snagging them ASAP!

1 Surrender to Fire
2/3 Submission / Seduction
4/5 Wicked Sacrifice: Wicked Intent / Sacrifice
6/7 Shameless Embraces: Embraced / Shameless
8 Forbidden Pleasure
9 Wicked Pleasure
10 Only Pleasure
11 Guilty Pleasure
12 Dangerous Pleasure
13 Secret Pleasure
14 Intense Pleasure

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