Antecedent: Reborn

Em’s new life and new family have been turned upside down. After stumbling upon the people responsible, Em must escape their grasp, as dangerous as that will be. She must travel halfway across the world to seek counsel with the oldest vampire in existence, who unearths some long hidden and heavily protected secrets.

With this newfound knowledge, Em hatches a plan to put things back in order, but it will come at great cost, and she doesn’t know if she can do it in time. How far will Em go to save her family and get the answers she needs…

Am I the only one that finds a slightly jealous, protective man supremely hot? Nope, didn’t think so. If you’ve read Antecedent, you’re likely wanting to kick Bo in the shins by now. Thankfully, by the end of Reborn, we can settle for just a quick toe stomp.

This sequel wraps up the bit of a cliffhanger nicely, adding in a few more twists and turns to keep momentum going. Bo redeems himself…somewhat. I’m still not forgiving him, but one more of those arched eyebrows might do the trick. Don’t tell him that, he’s already smug enough.

Then I reached the end, and… crapola, I gotta wait!??! Just what am I going to do with my time until Bo, Em, and the cast of crazies gets themselves in trouble again? Once more, one for the keeper shelf. As a new reader, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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