Set Adrift

Set Adrift is a story of love and loss, of deeply abiding friendship, and of sacrifice. The Immortal Isle series will grab ahold of your heart and have you falling in love with the inhabitants of this small coastal town.

I had the distinct honor of being a beta reader for the always amazing Ds Kenn. And even on a re-read, the details didn’t get boring, as some can often do. Heck, my own writing gets boring when I try to edit, yet I’ve read Set Adift twice now. The characters are truly believable and you can understand their motivations and emotions.

​When Terric and Jordyn were left without the anchor in each other that they’d had for so long, I really felt the turmoil, the feelings that were driving both of them. This is a great read, and I can’t wait to read the rest in the series, as I’m sure I’ll grow to love the entire cast of characters as much as I do Terric, and want to learn so much more about all of them and the way the paths of their lives branch and intersect.

​That yearning to learn more is the hallmark of a great book to me, a great author, and Immortal Isles fits in nicely with my “Keepers” bookshelf lists. ​

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